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Fast Delivery
Pacific VoiceWare offers super fast delivery. For voice prompt orders of less than 100, we can usually deliver your prompts the very next day. Same day delivery is often available and there's never an extra charge for rush jobs.

We use state of the art, all digital recording studios located in Palm Springs and Burbank, California. We produce your prompts in the file type, compression, bit rate and sampling rate your equipment requires with the file names you request. We will email sample files (at no charge) to verify compatibility before production begins. We deliver the finished production anywhere in the world via one of the following methods:

FTP & E-MailFTP & E-Mail
Depending on the file size, many recordings, particularly telephone voice prompts, can simply be converted to digital sound or data files and e-mailed to their destination. "Play-Ready" files are then loaded directly into your system. Larger files can be uploaded to the Pacific VoiceWare FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site for the customer to download. This is the preferred method when delivering hundreds or even thousands of voice prompts. Delivery via this method is FREE.

US MailUS Mail
For larger productions, Pacific VoiceWare will load either audio or data files onto a compact disc and ship the completed production to the customer's location. Delivery via this method is $10.00.

 Telephone Handset Audio Tap 2Telephone Upload
Most phone systems and phone company voicemail systems allow voice prompts and greetings to be uploaded over a standard telephone line directly into the system. Pacific VoiceWare utilizes JK Audio's THAT-2 (Telephone Handset Audio Tap) to perform this task. This allows us to send a higher quality signal by bypassing the telephone transmitter which typically produces an inferior signal. This method of upload is only used when all other methods are not possible. Delivery via this method is $10.00 for the 1st voice prompt and $1.00 for each additional voice prompt that must be loaded over the phone.  

Should you have any additional questions regarding your specific technical needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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