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The following samples will let you hear our voice talent and help you to select a voice that's right for you. If you have any difficulty playing the files below, just email me and I will send you mp3 samples. If you need a different language, just let me know. Pacific VoiceWare has access to translation and recording services for more than 100 languages. If we can't help you, we know somebody who can.

Click the Play buttons below to listen to samples 

Tricia - Female

Liz - Female

Christi - Female

 Cortni - Female

 Mandy - Female

 Joe - Male

 Bill - Male

 Chris - Male

 Cole - Male

 Jan - Male

 Scott - Male

British Accent Samples 
Donna - Female
Angelique - Female
Ben - Male

Marc - Male
Simone - Female
Rene - Male
Liz - Female

Other languages are available. Just ask!


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