Voice Samples

The following samples will let you hear our voice talent and help you select a voice that's right for you. If you need a file today, Trish or Joe can usually deliver same day.

If you need voice recordings in a different language, please contact us. Pacific VoiceWare has access to translation and recording services for more than 100 languages. If we can't help you, we know somebody who can.

English Voice Samples
Tricia - Female
Liz - Female
Christi - Female
Gina - Female
Cortni - Female
Mandy - Female
Joe - Male
Bill - Male
Tom - Male
Nathan - Male
Chris - Male
Cole - Male
Jan - Male
Scott - Male
British Accent Samples
Beth - Female
Angel - Female
Ben - Male
Nick - Male
Marc - Male
Spanish Voice Samples
Adriana - Female
Simone - Female
Rene - Male
French Canadian Samples
Liz - Female

State of the Art Recording Studios

We use state of the art, all digital recording facilities located in California, Texas, Florida, New York, Canada & England. We produce your prompts in the file type, compression, bit rate and sampling rate your equipment requires using the file names you request. We can email sample files (for no charge) to verify compatibility before production begins. We deliver the finished production anywhere in the world.

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